Environmental De-toxify!

December 10, 2019


Last month, I went to the yearly Naturopathic conference that I attend. This year there was a strong focus on the Environment and Environmental Toxins. The studies highlighted were mind boggling and made me realize how badly we as a society treat the earth and our bodies. I immediately created a patient handout that I will be giving to all of my new patients. I wanted to give it to you all below as well. When you detoxify your life, your body has far greater capabilities to auto-regulate and self-heal – which is always the goal!


1)   Do NOT drink tap water

Choose filtered water, like Reverse Osmosis, in order to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals and neurotoxins like lead. Due to old pipes in most towns and cities their purification process is not enough.


2)   Eat ORGANIC foods

Choose organic foods in order to decrease your pesticide/hormone/antibiotic exposure. If you can’t go completely organic – be sure to choose produce from the Dirty Dozen list (www.ewg.org/dirty-dozen)


3)   Do NOT use plastic containers/bottles for food and water

Use glass, porcelain or stainless steel in order to avoid harmful chemicals in plastic materials (BPA and BPA metabolites). It is extremely important not to heat food or water in plastic - which activates these toxic chemicals.


4)   Can the canned foods

Always aim to choose fresh (or even frozen) over canned foods. Cans contain harmful BPAs and other known hormone disruptors and carcinogens.


5)   Choose Fragrance free

The chemicals found in home products (cleaners, detergents, dish soaps etc.) and personal care products (creams, makeup, hair products, soaps etc.) that make them smell good are extremelytoxic for your body (and fertility!). Choose fragrance free and organic items (imperative if you are trying to conceive).


6)   Switch your deodorant

The harmful ingredients that are found in common deodorants and antiperspirants (like aluminum) are absorbed directly into your blood stream and are tremendously toxic to the Liver, Endocrine system and known carcinogens.


Consider the impact that your daily habits are having on your body and this planet.The changes above can be really impactful on your health and the earth - it is time!


Wishing you all a healthy and happy Holiday Season!


Dr. Kate Hunter

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