October 4, 2019


I read an excellent article this past month that has kept me thinking. It is called 'How to 80/20 Your Life' by Mark Manson. The concept is excellent and it has made me question many of my daily behaviours and habits and how they actually serve me.


The principle is seen in business management situations where for example 20% of customers bring in 80% of sales or 20% of employees created 80% of the company value. Manson took the concept further and applied it to everyday life and well-being.


Here are the questions that made me look at my life and I challenge you to apply them to yours:


  • What are the 20% of your possessions you get the most value out of?

  • Who are the 20% of people you’re close to who make you the happiest?

  • What are the 20% of the clothes you wear 80% of the time?

  • What’s the 20% of food you eat 80% of the time? ** this one can truly show how healthy your habits are


Here is my favourite one:

  • What do you spend 20% of your time doing that gives you 80% of your happiness?


I love this question so much and never thought of it in terms of percentage to overall happiness. In today's busy world, most of us spend the majority of our time working (often in unfulfilling jobs), commuting, scrolling online, watching TV etc. This brings the smallest percentage of happiness and takes up the majority of time. How can you change your percentages? How can you reallocate your time to serve you better? Here are my suggestions (and current self practices):


  • Figure out what you do that brings you the greatest joy and increase that time increment each day (time with loved ones, cooking, meditating, yoga, time outdoors, connecting with others, etc.)

  • Decrease the amount of time spent doing things that don't bring you happiness (work hours, commuting, TV, social media, negative self talk, etc.)

  • Make CHANGE! If you are stuck in a job/pattern/habit that isn't serving you, seek help. You are not defined by the percentages in your life that don't make you happy.

  • Eliminate toxic people and energy in your life. Saying No can be a powerful tool to self care.

  • Choose well-being and treat your body with kindness. Prioritize your health.


Here is the article if you are interested:



If you need help reaching any of your health goals or changing the way the percentages are in your life, contact me.


Wishing you every happiness and health!


Dr. Kate Hunter, ND




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