Support Organs of Elimination

September 3, 2019


Welcome to September! For a lot of us, this month is all about getting back into routine and taking better care of ourselves. Most of us ate and drank too much while celebrating the summer - don't fear, you can get back on track!


My goal with patients this month is to support the organs of elimination - Liver, Kidneys and Intestines - to detoxify, improve immunity, and strengthen ability for healthy processing and elimination.


1) Support your Liver

The Liver processes all of our toxins, hormones and fats. If it is under functioning you will experience things like acne, skin conditions, head aches, bloating, weight issues and hormonal imbalances. Great ways to support the Liver is with herbs like Milk Thistle, Chelidonium, Globe Artichoke and Dandelion. You can take these in capsule form or tea form.


2) Support your Kidneys

The Kidneys process our blood, balance our electrolytes and also detoxify. If they are under functioning you will experience things like water retention, urination issues, dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Ways to support the Kidneys are to get enough water (8 glasses/1.5 L per day), decrease red meat and alcohol intake to avoid uric acid accumulation and use herbs like Uva Ursi, Cranberry and Zea Mays to promote drainage and clean processing.


3) Support your Intestines

This is the main elimination emunctory - in my opinion the most important! If you want the Liver and Kidneys to detoxify at their best, the Intestines have to be eliminating frequently. The 'healthy' amount of bowel movements per day is 2-3. This isn't normal for some people, but here are ways to boost your GI health - a good human strain probiotic (HMF by seroyal is the line I use most), herbs to control inflammation like slippery elm, marshmallow and clove, and eliminating gluten and dairy to prevent leaky gut!


In addition to the above, it is important to decrease the toxicity that you put in your body to maximize your body's ability to detoxify. Choose hormone and chemical free foods, look at your personal care products to make sure the ingredients are natural, decrease consumption of over the counter meds (or talk with me on how to safely decrease Western Medical prescriptions) and decrease your consumption of alcohol and sugar.


If you feel like any of your organs could use a boost after the summer, reach out to me for an appointment!


In good health,


Dr. Kate Hunter, ND



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