Back to School Immune Support

August 19, 2017

Where did the summer go?!? I can't believe it is already time for kids to head back to school and us parents to manage even busier schedules. Here are some tips on keeping your family healthy during this time!


For Kids - there are so many bugs and viruses that can be picked up at daycare and school. It is important to protect the whole family but front line defense is to treat your children since they are constantly exposed to a petri dish of germs,


1) Full Spectrum Probiotic

A probiotic is the best thing for kids to improve their immune systems and defend against pathogens. My favorite brand is HMF by Seroyal - they hae an array of different types to suit the age and development of your child. I frequently use HMF Fit For School for my young patients.


2) Multi Vitamin

I am talking about a good full spectrum multi - not flinstone! Viruses and bacteria are more likely to invade a system if the immunity is low and if deficiencies are present. To correct common deficiencies I recommend HMF Child + Multi which is a combo probiotic and multi.


3) Vitamin D drops 

There is a lot of conflicting research on what the correct dosage is for vitamin D. Most child drops come in 400IU potency which is good for maintenance but for increasing immune system 3-4 of those drops daily is the best range.


For Parents - it is just important to protect yourselves in order to shorten sickness time for the whole family and prevent spread of infection. Here are some things to help:


1) High Dose Probiotic

This increases the amount of good bacteria that we have that is able to combat the bad bacteria that we are exposed to. I trust the HMF line by Seroyal and usually go with HMF Multi Strain or HMF Intensive when I want to increase immunity and strengthen digestion.


2) Vitamin C

This super vitamin is not only an anti-oxidant but it boosts the immune system. Daily dose can be 2000-3000mg and when you are fighting something it is best to go up to 5000mg/day.


3) Zinc

Commonly known to fight infections specifically viruses - this mineral is important for immune system stability. Daily dose can be 15-30mg/day for maintenance and up to 50mg when you are actively fighting something.


Wishing everyone a healthy start to the school year. Book an appointment to get you and your family on a customized plan to support a healthy immune system all year!


Stay well,


Dr. Kate Hunter, ND

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