B Vitamin foods to boost energy

February 4, 2016


B Vitamins are essential in human energy metabolism. They are water soluble vitamins that are absorbed in your Large Intestine and processed through your Liver. B Vitamin deficiencies are common with the use of various allopathic drugs - specifically the birth control pill. B vitamin deficiency is also common with any gastro-intestinal issues where absorption is compromised. Below are some dietary sources for you to increase your B vitamin intake and in turn increase your energy levels!


B6 Containing Foods:

#1: Bran (Rice and Wheat)

#2: Dried Herbs and Spices

#3: Pistachios

#4: Garlic (Raw)

#5: Liver

#6: Fish (Tuna, Salmon, and Cod)

#7: Sunflower and Sesame Seeds (Also Tahini)

#8: Pork Tenderloin (Lean)

#9: Molasses and Sorghum Syrup

#10: Hazelnuts Or Filberts


B12 Containing Foods:

#1: Clams, Oysters, and Mussels

#2: Liver

#3: Caviar (Fish Eggs)

#4: Octopus

#5: Fish

#6: Crab and Lobster

#7: Beef

#8: Lamb (Mutton)

#9: Cheese

#10: Eggs

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