New Year - New You!

January 4, 2017

January is always that month of the year where we set our goals and aspirations for things to come. It is a fresh start, a new chapter and another chance to reinvent our best selves. Instead of resolutions, I want to offer advice on easy, sustainable, life changes. Here are my 5 tips for your healthiest self for 2017:



1)       Make daily goals, Not yearly ones!

  • Setting daily goals entails greater commitment to a health resolution. Yearly goals can seem too daunting. Map out your week and do one thing each day to improve your well-being; 

  • Example: Get 8 hours of sleep, drink 2 liters of water, 30 mins of exercise, 20 mins of stretching, 10 mins of deep breathing. And mostimportant of all pat yourself on the back for reaching each daily goal set!


2)       Picture how you want your year/month/week to look - VISUALIZE!


We have enough on our plates without projecting negative outcomes for ourselves. Know that you can achieve your goals and spend 5-10 minutes every day actually visualizing them! Picture yourself doing and being happy in your goals, getting that promotion, meeting that special someone, running a marathon - whatever! Picture it and call it in!


3)       Support your Liver!


Everyone wants to do a detox come January. Aggressive detoxes can cause more stress to the body than good. BE CONSISTENT and be kind to your body. The most important organ to support in order to "detox" your body is your Liver. 

  • Examples: Water + Lemon in the morning, Milk Thistle Capsules, Castor Oil packs over the Liver and contrast showers are just some of the ways to boost your Liver's performance.


4)        Dietary Changes for the Long Run!


Don't just make changes in your diet as an act of punishment! Yo-yo dieting has never helped anyone maintain a healthy weight. Eat in moderation and cut the crap - sugar, caffeine, alcohol, fried foods! 

  • Try to approach every meal from a ½ - ¼ - ¼ mentality. Half of your plate should consist of leafy greens, one quarter should consists of a lean protein (not beef or pork), and the other quarter should consist of a health grain (rice, quinoa, millet, sweet potato etc.). This goes for seconds too! Even for breakfast you can follow the same principles in a smoothie.


5)        See a professional!


You can't be expected to implement all of your wellness goals on your own! Book an appointment so that lasting changes are supported and realistic for your lifestyle. As an ND, I help meet my clients where they are at and create a personally tailored wellness plan for attainable health goals. Let's do this together!


I wish everybody a happy and healthy 2017!


Dr. Kate Hunter, ND

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