Cupping is for Everyone!

October 11, 2016


Those purple marks that you might have noticed on Michael Phelps at the Olympics and more recently on the Blue Jays mound by Roberto Osuna is called Cupping. It is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique used to move Qi (the body's vital force), circulation and lymph. Athletes have been using the technique to loosen up sore and strained muscles but there are other uses as well. The technique stimulates various TCM organ meridians that govern bodily functions and can help manage unwanted symptoms. Cupping can assist with  things such as; injury healing, relief of muscle tightness/soreness, decrease inflammation, improve circulation, toxin mobilization and reduction, improve swelling and stagnation issues, and the list goes on!


Come in this month and receive a Cupping discount of 25% off!


Message me is you are wondering if Cupping is right for you, If it's good enough for these athlete stars - you should try it!



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