Spring is Detox Time!

March 21, 2014

March 21, 2014


By Dr. Kate Hunter, ND


Spring has sprung! Finally our extremely long and cold winter seems to be behind us! Spring is that time of year when we are shedding layers of clothes and also looking to shed that lethargic feeling left over from winter. This season is the best time of year to do a detox. As the temperatures warm up, the body is better able to expel toxins, which is the fundamental point of doing a detox – to remove as many toxins as possible from the fat tissue (where they are stored!). Since most of us were indoors most of the winter, now is the time to get moving and reap the benefits of a cleanse.


A proper Detox plan should have two main components – eliminate and heal. Many over the counter detox products contain irritants to increase excretion, which does not give the body the correct healing message. A proper cleanse takes time and is why I recommend a detox program for 3 weeks in order to accomplish these goals for optimal health benefits.


Here are some essential components to doing a good and safe cleanse:

- Get moving! Exercise is key in order to enable the release of toxins from your fat tissue.

- Eliminate coffee, alcohol and smoking! This is a no brainer – you want to decrease your toxic burden on the body.

- Support and be kind to the Liver! This organ is the most important for cleansing; its role is to package toxins to be excreted.

- Eat “clean” – this means eat in a manner that decreases the amount of toxins you put into your body à pesticide free, herbicide free, hormone free and antibiotic free choices are key!


To learn more on how to do a proper and safe detox you can join me for a 3 part Detox series coming to Moksha Uptown this Spring! The focus of the cleanse will be:


Week 1: How to implement change and support your body through a safe and healing Detox

Week 2: How to further facilitate your body to expel toxins by supporting the organs of elimination

Week 3: How to continue to support your body to optimally excrete toxins and further your overall health


Be your own wellness advocate this spring and put your health first! To sign up for the 3 part detox series please visit the studio events and workshops page:http://uptown.mokshayoga.ca/community/studio_events_and_workshops/


Yours in good health,


Dr. Kate Hunter, Naturopathic Doctor









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