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Spring has sprung and what better way to rejuvenate your body after this long winter than with a safe and healthy Detox! Join Dr. Kate Hunter, ND for an in-depth 3 part series on how to properly detox your body. She will provide handouts and recipes, and will be available via email for support throughout this 3-week Detox plan.


Weekly Breakdown


Week 1 (April 25): How to implement change and support your body through a safe and healing Detox


Week 2 (May 2): How to further facilitate your body to expel toxins by supporting the organs of elimination


Week 3 (May 9): How to continue to support your body to optimally excrete toxins and further your overall health Come learn how your body can detoxify at its fullest capacity while also healing body, mind and spirit!


Time: Fridays at 7pm (starting April 25) 90 minutes

Investment: $90 Register here. 





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